More 'Glaring' Errors in Va. History Textbook

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The Virginia history textbook that raised eyebrows when it claimed that large numbers of black soldiers fought for the South during the Civil War is under scrutiny again, after a review of the book found dozens of errors that historians call disturbing.

Among the mistakes: the claim that 12 states joined the Confederacy, not 11, and that 6,000 soldiers died during the Battle of Bull Run during the Civil War, instead of 22,000. Three of the five historians who reviewed "Our Virginia: Past and Present" at the request of the state board of education said they were appalled.

The textbook, published by Five Ponds Press, was not written by a trained historian. The Virginia board of education ordered a small panel of historians to review the fourth-grade textbook earlier this year when experts challenged its claim that thousands of blacks fought for the Confederacy....

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John Austin Matzko - 1/3/2011

Whoa, 22,000 is far too high for either First or Second Bull Run--and not just combatants killed but even total casualties. In fact, 6000 is too high.