50-foot-long shipwreck discovered off Chatham

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The ever-shifting sands of Cape Cod have parted to reveal a new mystery: a 50-foot-long shipwreck unearthed by erosion in shallow waters just off North Beach Island in Chatham, town and state officials said.

The wreck was spotted Nov. 29 by an airplane pilot as he and an aerial photographer flew along the coast.

At low tide, the wreckage, which appears to be made of wood, sits in 8 to 10 feet of water, but it cannot be seen from the beach, officials said. The vessel, which remains partially buried in the sand, appears to have had two or three masts. Its discovery was first reported in the Cape Cod Times. The ship’s identity remains unknown as officials take a closer look, and even then its history might be difficult to uncover, Mastone said. The best guess at the moment is that it was a cargo vessel.

Officials have discovered several other shipwrecks along the Cape recently. Planks emerged last month off of Nauset Beach in Orleans of what is believed to be the Montclair, a cargo vessel and suspected rum runner from Nova Scotia that sank in 1927....

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