Noted Chinese historian: Most in China don’t even think of 1962 war with India

Historians in the News

The 1962 India-China war may be a sore point for Indians but that’s not the case with the neighbouring country, Prof Wang Gungwu, who is a professor at the National University of Singapore and Chairman of East Asian Institute, told The Indian Express on Tuesday. “Most in China don’t even think about it. Still others won’t know about 1962 and what happened. Most people in China think it was misunderstanding between leaders...I do know though that in India that is not the case. This I think is the complexity of having a dialogue when one side does not think much of an issue which is quite a key one to the other,” Prof Wang Gungwu said along the sidelines of a talk he gave on “The Rise of China: A historian’s perspective” in New Delhi on the invitation of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, ahead of Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao’s visit on Wednesday....

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