Obama Primary Challenge Talk Comically Innocent Compared To What Clinton Faced

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WASHINGTON -- When former President Bill Clinton visits the White House on Friday, both he and Obama will have no shortage of political conversation topics. Chief among them will be reversing the course of a presidency stalled out by a mid-term electoral drubbing -- a fork in the road that both have faced. Somewhere lower down the list will be dealing with insurrection within the party ranks.

While talk has been pervasive this past week over the possibility (or lack thereof) of a primary challenger taking on Obama in 2012, it is nothing compared to the chatter that surrounded Clinton in 1994.

"Privately, a number of Democrats advance this dream," the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote on Christmas Day 1994. "Clinton withdraws after being badly wounded in the early primaries, the party unites behind Vice President Al Gore, and Democrats retain the White House in 1996."...

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