Nobel Peace Prize: Liu Xiaobo's missing speech

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A lost speech by Liu Xiaobo that has never never previously been published in the West has been unearth in which he attacks China's rise to power and the country's moral and cultural bankruptcy.

In it he compares modern China to T.S.Eliot's The Waste Land and says: "A nation, ignoring its youth and children, can build all the skyscrapers it wants, but in fact is only using its cloud-capped rise to decorate hell.".

The speech, given two years ago when he was awarded the Contemporary Chinese Contribution award, has only ever been released once, in an illegal Chinese magazine, and a copy was provided exclusively to The Daily Telegraph.

He gave it just six months before releasing Charter '08, a petition initially signed by 350 Chinese intellectuals calling for measured political reform in China. Mr Liu was arrested hours before Charter '08 was released on to the internet and is now serving an eleven year sentence for "inciting subversion"....

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Jay Henry Janson - 12/24/2010

What China Daily Newspaper Has Been Saying Re Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Prize

Words by Liu Xiaobo you won't hear on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX or PBS. Like, "After undergoing a hundred years of colonial rule, Hong Kong has become what it is now. The mainland is so big that it certainly needs 300-years of colonization by the West to achieve Hong Kong's progress." "I even doubt 300 years are enough, Chinese people lack creativity, [they] plotted, directed and appreciated all the tragedies themselves"

published OpEdNews Saturday, December 11, 2010