Barack Obama faces Democrat tax rebellion and Sarah Palin's verbal barbs

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Barack Obama was being assailed from all sides on Thursday night as his own party launched a rebellion in Congress and Sarah Palin ramped up her potential White House bid with a withering verbal assault on the American president.

Adding insult on one of the worst days of his presidency, Mrs Palin compared Mr Obama with Jimmy Carter, a Democrat who served one term and is regarded as one of the least successful US presidents in the post-war era.

When asked what she thought of Mr Obama's presidency so far, she replied: "Two words: Jimmy Carter." She added that "someone who can draw a sharp contrast" was capable of beating the incumbent in two years' time.

There are also rumblings among liberal Democrats, commentators and bloggers about the need to launch a primary challenge against Mr Obama, whom they regard as having betrayed their principles and broken campaign promises.

After several disappointments, the White House's secretly negotiated deal with Republicans on taxes made the patience of Democrats snap....

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