Netherlands judiciary demands extradition of Nazi war criminal from Germany

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On November 25, the Netherlands judiciary issued a European arrest warrant for the SS (Hitler’s elite division) war criminal, Klaas Carel Faber. This warrant demands the extradition of the 88-year-old man, who has lived largely undisturbed in the Federal Republic of Germany, since his escape from a war crimes prison in the Dutch city of Breda 58 years ago.

All attempts by the Netherlands courts to bring Faber back into their judicial system after his escape on Boxing Day 1952 have so far been undermined by the hardline attitude of the German judiciary and politicians.

Faber made his escape from the prison in Breda during a film screening. He was accompanied by six other prisoners, who were also arrested for war crimes following the allied occupation of Germany. One of the organisers of the escape was the former SS operative Herbertus Bikker, who also lived in Germany largely undisturbed until his death in November 2008....

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