BBC shows Nazi rally during German occupation of Channel Islands instead of weather forecast

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The BBC had to apologise today for showing footage from a Nazi rally during the German occupation of the Channel Islands - instead of the weather forecast.

A human error meant the wrong footage was uploaded on to the BBC's South West region website which includes the Channel Islands.

Web users globally would have been able to spot the error which was quickly changed by BBC staff.

A BBC insider said: 'This is another BBC cock-up. People in the Plymouth HQ were jumping up and down about it.

'Anyone looking at the weather website found images of Nazi rallies and the occupation of the Channel Islands which is a particularly sensitive issue.

'It is particularly sensitive for the BBC in the South West because the islands are in their patch.

'It appears the error was made by a BBC worker on the islands.'

A BBC spokeswoman in Bristol said: 'We made a mistake and uploaded the wrong footage which was a news item due to be shown that evening about a Guernsey evacuee who became pen pals with America's First Lady during the German occupation of the Channel Islands in the Second World War....

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