Galician town reclaims Franco's summer retreat from his wealthy heirs

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A country palace given to Spain's former fascist dictator, General Francisco Franco, to use as his summer house is to be expropriated from his family and donated to the people of the country town of Sada, north-west Spain.

The town hall of Sada has passed a motion that it claims will permit it to take control of the Pazo de Meirás, a crenellated country pile with views over the verdant countryside of Galicia.

Town councillors have decreed that the palace, built in the 19th century to resemble a castle, must be "for public use", a step that they say allows them to seize the building, which is still used by the dictator's wealthy descendants.

"This town hall is working to make sure the Pazo de Meirás can become public property in the shortest possible time," said Sada's mayor, Abel López of the Galician Nationalist Block party....

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