Roman and Byzantine Findings Unearthed in Southern Syria

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The Syrian archaeological mission working at al-Gharia village unearthed nine cemeteries and a number of findings from the Byzantine and Roman eras.

Hussein Zein-Eddin, head of the mission, said the findings included coins, pottery lanterns, bronze jewelry, beads, wood decorative pieces and a large pottery plate.

The uncovered cemeteries, however, were found to contain remains of semi-complete skeletons, as well as bones and skulls still in shape, added Zein-Eddin.

He pointed out that al-Gharia village, 45 km to the south of Suwaida province, includes ancient temples dedicated to different gods such as God Baal Shamin.

A 115 cm statue, holding a cup in his right hand and the cornucopia in the left, also discovered in the village, was put in the National Museum of Suwaida.

Other archaeological monuments found in the village included statues and a square-angled altar with Greek inscriptions.

The national mission working in the archaeological city of Bosra in Daraa province uncovered a Roman column and a number of pottery lanterns dating back to the Byzantine, Umayyad and Mamluki periods....

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