Marion Jones - "I did not deserve prison"

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Marion Jones says she did not deserve a prison term for lying about steroid use and involvement in a drugs fraud case.

Jones, 35, who won three gold medals at the Sydney Olympics, was given a six-month prison sentence in January 2008.

"I know I broke the law and committed a crime by lying," the former fastest woman in the world told Inside Sport.
"My reputation, fame and fortune was lost. Learning that lesson would have benefitted society more than putting me away for six months."

During her sentence, Jones spent six weeks in solitary confinement and served two years' probation both for lying to federal investigators about using performance-enhancing drugs and a separate cheque fraud case involving her former boyfriend, sprinter Tim Montgomery.
Jones won five medals in Sydney, although it emerged during the 2000 Games her then-husband, shot-putter CJ Hunter, had failed a drugs test prior to the competition.
Jones then fell foul of a major investigation into the manufacture of performance-enhancing drugs....

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