Huge Picasso cache not stolen, lawyer says

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Paris, France (CNN) -- A retired French electrician who revealed that he has 271 previously unknown works by artist Pablo Picasso did not steal them, his lawyer told CNN Tuesday.

"He kept them with love," Evelyne Rees said....

Le Guennec contacted the Picasso estate by mail in January to request certification of authenticity for the works: a collection of cubist collages, drawings, lithographs, notebooks and a watercolor.

Along with the letter, Le Guennec included 26 photographs of previously unpublished Picasso pieces.

But he found himself slapped with a lawsuit filed by the artist's son, Claude Picasso, and five other heirs who say the works are stolen.

The lawsuit was first reported Monday by the French newspaper Liberation.

His approach to the Picasso family shows that he is innocent, his lawyer said....

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