Lampshade bought at garage sale made from human skin

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AT first glance it looks like any tatty old lampshade - the sort that are gathering dust in houses all over the world.

Then you notice the weird, parchment-like fabric stretched over eight panels, so thin it is almost translucent.

On closer inspection the yellowy material is marked with strange pores, filaments and patterns which look disturbingly like one thing only - HUMAN SKIN....

The lamp's owner Mark Jacobson said: "It weighs about a pound. But the more time you spend with it the more it begins to weigh heavy on your mind. It really does look strange....

There have been many fakes over the years but no proven examples of a real Nazi lamp made from the skin of Jewish prisoners in concentration camps during the Second World War.

However, one crucial early scientific test set this lamp apart.

When Mark, an American, sent a small piece away for DNA testing at Bode Technology near Washington DC it came back as "100 per cent human"....

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