Netherlands calls for arrest of Nazi war criminal Faber

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The Netherlands has issued a European arrest warrant for a Dutch-born Nazi war criminal, Klaas-Carel Faber, now living in Germany.

Faber, 88, was sentenced to death in 1947 for the deaths of Jews at the Westerbork transit camp but his term was commuted to life.

He escaped in 1952, was given German citizenship and now lives in Bavaria.

Local media say it is the first time the Netherlands has issued a European arrest warrant for a war criminal.

In a statement, the Netherlands public prosecutor's office described the warrant as a preliminary step before a formal extradition request is made to Germany.

"We are hopeful and we think that it is important, so that he can at last go to jail. We don't know if we'll be successful," spokeswoman Tineke Zwart told the BBC News website.


Faber, originally from the western Dutch town of Haarlem, served in an SS unit known as Kommando Feldmeijer during World War II....

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