The Kennedy Assassination's Accidental Victim

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People of a certain age remember exactly where they were on November 22, 1963, when they heard that President John F. Kennedy had been shot. James Tague remembers the day better than most. At the moment of the shooting, Tague was standing in Dallas's Dealey Plaza, and was struck on the right cheek by fragments from a ricocheting bullet meant for Kennedy. Tague suffered only a superficial wound that day, but in a way, the injury is still fresh, 47 years later.

"I can't forget November 22nd," Tague says. "Everybody reminds me of it. I've probably told the story two or three hundred times. And the closer it gets to November 22nd, the more people ask me to tell it."

These days, Tague, now 74 and retired from a career as a car salesman and dealer, lives outside Bonham, Texas, not far from the Oklahoma border. The JFK assassination is still part of Tague's daily life, in part because he runs a store on eBay that's stocked with hundreds of books about Kennedy's killing....

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