A Civil War battle defeat

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SARATOGA SPRINGS -- Nearly 50 years ago, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller threw the full weight of New York's government behind commemorating the 100th anniversary of the nation's bloodiest conflict, the Civil War.

Ceremonies, historical discussions, even Emancipation dinners were held. The governor wanted New York to lead all other states in honoring the nation's most defining conflict, which kept America united, ended slavery and resulted in the assassination of a president.

But with the 150th anniversary of the election of Abraham Lincoln already in the past, and the date of the start of hostilities coming in April, New York, the main contributor to the Union cause, has no money for sesquicentennial events. Unlike other states, New York has no funded commission or website to coordinate reenactments, programs or displays. State Assemblyman Jack McEneny, D-Albany, sponsored a bill for a commission, but it did not pass the Senate....

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