Demonstrators demand destruction of Franco's tomb

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Protesters will demand the removal of the cross that towers above the tomb of Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco when they take to the streets on Saturday on the 35 anniversary of his death.

A demonstration has been called at the gates of Valle de los Caidos – The Valley of the Fallen – a vast basilica carved out of living rock in the hills 30 miles northwest of Madrid to call for the monument to be destroyed.

The Federation for Historical Memory said that it considers the 500ft high granite cross a "symbol of death and vengeance" and is demanding it be "blown up as a public apology to the victims of Francoism."

The complex, which includes a Benedictine monastery, was built by political prisoners during the Franco era as a memorial to those who died fighting for the dictator's cause during the 1936-39 Civil War....

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