WWII prison camp archives discovered on British Island

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A previously unseen archive featuring the testimonies of Guernsey people who were deported to German prison camps during World War II has been uncovered.

The file of about 200 pages had been in a wardrobe since the 1960s before being given to a Cambridge University team.

They were in Guernsey researching the story of the 2,000 people deported from the Channel Islands in 1942-43.

Dr Gilly Carr said it was "the single most important resistance archive ever to emerge from the Channel Islands".

The record, put together by Guernseyman Frank Falla, contains first-hand accounts of islanders who were arrested for acts of resistance during the wartime occupation of the island and later deported to prison camps in Europe.

Many of the statements, which Mr Falla compiled to make claims for compensation from the German government after the war, describe in graphic detail appalling experiences they endured....

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