Hitler Ate Marmalade at Breakfast

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It's difficult to imagine such a monstrous figure as Adolf Hitler, Nazi dictator, eating a quaint breakfast of bread and marmalade every morning.

However, that is just one secret revealed courtesy of Britain's National Archives. Last week, it made public two previously classified archives. They add personal details to our portrait of Hitler and a fear the Allies had about a Nazi refuge to our World War II military history.

The breakfast tidbit comes from a 19-year-old Austrian deserter and prisoner of war identified as S.S. Schuetze Obernigg. Obernigg claimed to have spent time at Hitler's retreat in the Bavarian Alps between 1943 and 1944.

Obernigg reports that Hitler woke around 10 a.m., drank coffee and ate bread and marmalade. Visitors, including his doctor, were welcomed into the afternoon. He then worked late, sometimes not going to sleep until 4 a.m.

Obernigg also shared insight into Hitler''s dark personality. It hints at his fiery and paranoid persona....

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