Former congressman Gary Condit called to stand in Chandra Levy murder trial

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Prosecutors called Gary Condit to the witness stand Monday as the murder trial resumed for the man charged in the death of Chandra Levy, Ingmar Guandique.
Before he could begin his testimony, however, the court took a break.

The 2001 disappearance of the Washington intern drew national attention after her parents discovered a connection with Condit, who was then a sitting congressman.

Condit was never a suspect in the case, but was questioned intensively for details as to her whereabouts.

Her remains were discovered more than a year later off a jogging trail in Rock Creek Park.

As the court's day began, and before the jury was seated, prosecutors tested the sound system and played audio recordings that resembled messages left on an answering machine or voice mail. The voices could not be immediately recognized.

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