Original rules of basketball expected to sell for millions

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The original rules of basketball will be up for sale in New York in December.

It's been nearly 119 years since James Naismith wrote down 13 rules for a new game he devised as a way to give youths at a Massachusetts YMCA an athletic activity to keep them busy in the winter.

On Dec 10, those rules – considered "the birth certificate of one of the world's most popular sports" – will be put up for auction in New York and are expected to bring in at least $2 million (£1.3 million). The proceeds are to go to the Naismith International Basketball Foundation, which promotes sportsmanship and provides services to underprivileged youths around the world.

Ian Naismith, the foundation's founder and grandson of James Naismith, said it was a family decision to put the rules on the auction block and give the money to the Naismith charity....

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