Revolutionary War hero's descendant gives him final send-off

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EULONIA - Lt. Col. John McIntosh was laid in his final resting place Saturday as hundreds looked on.

At least they hope it was his final resting place.

By some reckonings, he has had two others. The first when the Revolutionary War hero died in 1826 and then another, perhaps when hurricane flooding washed his coffin out of the ground. The latter is historians' best guess. It is known that a cast iron Fisk Coffin fell into the marsh in December 2006. The Fisk Coffin wasn't invented until 1848, a few years before the six known hurricanes of the 1850s passed by, said Missy Brandt, who chairs the McIntosh County Historic Preservation Commission and coordinator of Saturday's reburial ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Brandt said, "I personally think he's so McIntosh stubborn he didn't want to stay in the ground.''...

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