Bosnia: bones of at least 97 people found in lake

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Authorities in Bosnia and Serbia said Tuesday they had recovered the skeletal remains of at least 97 people from the banks of a border lake that was partially drained this summer for maintenance.

Officials from the Bosnian and Serbian Commissions for Missing Persons said 372 bone fragments were found on the Bosnian bank of Perucac lake and 79 on the Serbian side.

By counting the right femurs recovered, experts determined the bones belonged to at least 97 people — victims primarily of the wars that accompanied the breakup of Yugoslavia. But authorities said only DNA analysis will reveal the total number and identities of the dead.

Most were killed by Serbs in the nearby town of Visegrad at the start of the 1992-1995 Bosnian War. But on the Serbian side experts found the remains of what they presume to be 11 Albanians killed during the Kosovo war in 1998-1999.

Some 1,000 people went missing in and around Visegrad — almost all of them Bosnian Muslims who were killed and thrown from a bridge over the Drina river. Their bodies lodged in the banks of the artificial lake, a dammed section of the Drina, a few kilometers (miles) downstream....

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