Colonial Williamsburg acquires 18th century British flag

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WILLIAMSBURG – The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has acquired a British military flag that served as the King’s Color for the 96th Regiment of Foot during the era of the French & Indian War.

Measuring 5 1/2 feet by 6 1/2 feet, the silk standard is constructed of 12 white, 8 blue and 3 red pieces, forming a Union flag of the type in use 1707-1800. The center of the flag is embroidered with a Union wreath of roses and thistles, signifying the union of England and Scotland, and enclosing the title REGT over the Roman numerals XCVI.

“Flags, or ‘colors’, are tangible, emotionally charged symbols of the nations or military units that fly them,” said Ronald Hurst, Colonial Williamsburg vice president of collections, conservation and museums. “We are delighted to acquire this powerful emblem of the British crown from the French and Indian War period.”...

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