Peace means a homecoming for Sri Lanka's Muslims

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Sri Lanka's war, which ended last year, set the mainly Sinhalese government and military against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE - Tamil Tigers), a militant group drawn from the Tamil minority.

Caught in between were the Muslims, about 9% of the population and regarded as a separate ethnic group, although Tamil is their mother tongue.

Exactly 20 years ago, the Tigers violently expelled almost all of northern Sri Lanka's Muslims. They fled into internal exile in the south. But with the war now over, a few are trying to return home. The BBC's Charles Haviland reports from north-west Sri Lanka.

Mr Shajahan says the flight of Muslims in 1990 was like the flight from the tsunami in 2004....

About 100,000 Muslims were ordered out of northern Sri Lanka by the LTTE in 1990. They accused the Muslims as a group of collaborating with the Sri Lankan army.

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