Bloody history of the 1641 rebellion is published online

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The bloody history of the Catholic uprising of 1641 has been brought back to life on the internet.

Testimonies from thousands of eye-witnesses to one of the most significant events in Irish history have been transcribed and made available for free online.

The three-year project, led by researchers at the Universities of University of Cambridge and The University of Aberdeen and Trinity College Dublin, involved transcribing all 19,000 pages of the original depositions, many of which are almost illegible.

The uprising of Irish Catholics in October 1641 followed decades of tension with English Protestant settlers and many thousands of men, women and children lost their lives.

The Protestant death toll was most recently put at between 4,000 and 12,000, mainly in Ulster.

However, there have been allegations that accounts of the killings were exaggerated for propaganda purposes....

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