Right-wing publisher rehabilitates Lindbergh, says Salon

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The influential conservative publishing house Regnery has just released a book that argues, contrary to popular belief, that aviator and political leader Charles Lindbergh was neither anti-semitic nor pro-German, but rather was the victim of an unfounded smear campaign by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

According to promotional material, the book,"Lindbergh vs. Roosevelt: The Rivalry That Divided America" by James Duffy, argues that Lindbergh was the target of a"vicious personal vendetta by President Roosevelt" that"blighted his reputation forever." FDR's campaign, the book argues, also amounted to a"modern-day playbook for the Left and their attack on those who speak out against them."

We can't fully judge the book until we've read it. But the book jacket explicitly says:

This groundbreaking book reveals: ... Why the popular belief that Lindbergh was an anti–Semite is absolutely wrong

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