Google to Make Dead Sea Scrolls Available Online for Free

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The Google R&D Center in Israel has partnered with the Israel Antiquities Authority in an effort to make Dead Sea scrolls available online for free.

The amazing project aims at creating the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, which will include hi-resolution and multi spectra images of the entire collection — 900 manuscripts that have some 30,000 Dead Sea Scrolls fragments.

The imaging technology will be supplied by MegaVision, a U.S. based company, while Google will be in charge with uploading the images to the Internet and performing meaningful searches across a broad range of data in a number of languages and formats.

All these will result in “unprecedented scholarly and popular access to the Scrolls and related research” as each scroll will have meta-data including transcriptions, translations and bibliography.

Not sure about you folks, but that sounds nothing short of cool. Just imagine browsing through all these scrolls from the comfort of your home....

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