Lutheran church celebrates 100 years in Namibia

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WINDHOEK (AFP) – Church bells ring out on the dot of noon in the heart of Namibia's sleepy capital Windhoek, still precise 100 years after the church was built as an emblem of Imperial Germany's colonial reach.

"It is like being at home. It is wonderful to hear these beautiful bells here in Namibia, nearly 10,000 kilometres (6,000 miles) away from Germany," said tourist Annelise Schmieder from Stuttgart.

"I am thrilled that I could see the 'Christuskirche'," said Schmieder, standing on the steps of the sandstone Church of Christ and glancing up at the 42-metre (138-foot) high tower on a hill overlooking the city.

The Lutheran church was consecrated on October 16, 1910 after a tumultuous period of construction that mirrored the upheaval of Imperial Germany's conquest of a land then known as South West Africa....

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