Is this Japan's Oskar Schindler?: Diaries reveal the tourist board worker who helped Jews escape the Nazis in World War Two

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A former Japanese Tourist Bureau helper's 70-year-old diary has sparked an international search after it was discovered to contain photographs of supposedly Jewish men and women he helped escape the Nazis.

The yellowing images appear to show Jews who were led from the clutches of the anti-Semitic Nazis by Germany's close allies, Japan.

One of the photos shows a young man's monochrome portrait and although faded, it is still clear he had style. His hair is slicked down, eye arched, suit perfect with matching tie and handkerchief.
He also had the good fortune to escape Europe in the early days of World War Two.

The photo, a gift to the man who helped him escape, is one of seven recently discovered snapshots that cast light on a little known part of the war.

'My best regards to my friend Tatsuo Osako,' the writing on the back of the picture reads in French. It is signed 'I. Segaloff' and dated March 4, 1941. His fate is unknown....

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