Moscow plans to remove 'Terminator' statu

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Moscow's new acting mayor is pushing to remove a giant statue of Peter the Great from the heart of the capital, as part of an unravelling of his sacked predecessor's legacy.

The statue, a work by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, a nearly 328ft high edifice in central Moscow, was vehemently opposed when the Moscow government, headed by Yury Luzhkov, erected it in 1997.

The statue, which sits on the tip of a Moscow river island less than a mile from the Kremlin, pictures Peter the Great on a small ship with tiny sails, holding up a scroll.

Peter the Great, who hated Moscow, moved the Russian capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg in 1712.

"Terminator" and "Gulliver" were just a couple of nicknames for the monument, which is regularly featured in global rankings of the world's worst statues and was opposed by Russian former President Boris Yeltsin who called it "ugly" and advised Luzhkov to support other artists....

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