Most Tea Partiers call America a Christian nation, study finds

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Members of the Tea Party movement tend to be Christian conservatives, not libertarians, and are more likely than even white evangelical Christians to say the United States is a Christian nation, a detailed new study has found.

More than half of self-identified Tea Party members say America is a Christian nation, while just over four out of 10 white evangelicals believe that - the same as the proportion of the general population that says so.

The details come from the American Values Survey, released Tuesday by the Public Religion Research Institute.

Some findings from the telephone survey of more than 3,000 Americans confirm the conventional wisdom....

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Greg L Reinders - 10/6/2010

Unfortunatly there exists all sorts of data showing this is another whish statement of the Tea Party folks. Recently polls show members the various sects do not know what their religion believes. The Tea Party seems believe its wishes are facts. I think it is scary to think these ideas seem to picked up traction, with a gullible part of the public.