'Robin Hood' WWII tank restored in time for MArket Garden anniversary

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A tank which fought with Nottinghamshire's Sherwood Rangers in one of the biggest battles of the Second World War has been restored.

The 30-tonne Sherman tank named Robin Hood was used during 1944's Operation Market Garden.
It will go on display at the Dutch National Liberation Museum for the battle's 66th anniversary in September.
Seven Sherwood Rangers veterans, all over 80, plan to travel to the Netherlands to see the tank.

Martin Kerry from the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Association said: "This tank is very important historically."

Audacious offensive

The Sherman took part in what is considered to be one of the most audacious of the Allied offensives of World War Two.

Operation Market Garden, which took place between 17 and 25 September 1944, saw 86,000 paratroopers, air and ground units involved in a daring mission to seize control of bridges and river crossings in the Netherlands and Germany.

Initially successful, it ended in defeat with thousands of Allied troops killed and many more injured or taken prisoner.

The operation was immortalised in the legendary war film A Bridge Too Far....

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