Mary Shelley’s 213th birthday celebrated by spooky Google Doodle

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Mary Shelley, the British author of Frankenstein, has had the 213th anniversary of her birth celebrated by a spooky Google Doodle.

The search engine’s multi-coloured logo has been replaced with an image of a darkened room, with a series of four ghostly portraits on the wall and a shadowy figure looming through an open door in place of the letters in Google’s name.

Hovering the mouse over the image brings up the words “Mary Shelley’s 213th birthday”, and clicking on the Doodle brings up the search page for “Mary Shelley”.

Google Doodles - the images on the search engine's home page - change regularly in recognition of major events. But the Shelley tribute has been dubbed "the creepiest Doodle ever" by some bloggers.

Shelley, who was born in 1797, was among the pre-eminent British Gothic novelists. She began writing Frankenstein at the age of 18 and the novel was published in 1818.

The title refers to a scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who creates a horrifying monster in the likeness of man who rampages out of control and murders his five-year-old brother.

In popular culture, the scienstist's creation has come to be known incorrectly as Frankenstein, rather than as Frankenstein's monster.

As well as being a classic Gothic novel, Frankenstein is indebted to the Romantic movement and is considered one of the earliest examples of science fiction.
Shelley was the daughter of the political philosopher William Godwin and the early feminist Mary Wollstonecraft....

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