Archaeologists unearth Roman industrial estate in UK

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Archaeologists have unearthed a Roman industrial estate in North Yorkshire which might once was used by the Roman Ninth Hispanic legion.

The site, which includes remains of a water-powered flour mill, clothes, food remains, pottery and graves, has been linked to a known imperial fort at Healam Bridge built by the Romans around 2,000 years ago.

The industrial area was comprised of a series of huge timber buildings, typically on the north side of a beck, which powered the mill. The mill would have supplied the fort with goods and provisions such as processing meat and flour.

The excavation work was carried out along the route of the A1 upgrade between Dishforth and Leeming. The site is believed to be the military outpost used by the lost Roman Ninth Hispanic legion.

Archeologists said that they found evidences that the Romans might have worn socks. One of the archeologists cited rust on the nail from a Roman sandal that appeared to have impressions from fibres.

Speaking on the topic, archaeologist Blaise Vyner said, “You don't imagine Romans in socks but I am sure they would have been pretty keen to get hold of some as soon as autumn came along.”...

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