Leaving a Job With a Bus, Not a Slide

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How thrilling the ride off the back of a jet and down that inflatable emergency slide must have been for Steven Slater, flight attendant — cold beer in his hand, wind in his hair, the seat of his JetBlue uniform gliding merrily toward the runway. Woo-hoo!

And yet, with his swift arrest at home later Monday, the whole caper has nothing on the infamous take-this-job-and-shove-it run of one William Cimillo. A Bronx bus driver fed up with the daily annoyances and nonsense of it all, Mr. Cimillo, 38, climbed behind the wheel of his bus one morning in 1947 and took a 1,300-mile detour.

“He disappeared for two weeks,” recalled his son Richard Cimillo, a retired firefighter who is now 75. “They picked him up in Hollywood, Fla.”

Mr. Cimillo was married with three sons. He had been working for 16 years at the Surface Transportation Corporation....

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