Mystery of 1933 penny: Coin valued at 80,000GBP offered on eBay then suddenly withdrawn (UK)

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Generations of schoolboys searched through their change in the vain hope of finding one.

At last, a 1933 penny bearing the head of King George V has surfaced - on the eBay internet auction site.

Experts have always worked on the assumption that only seven such coins were minted and, if genuine, this one would be worth at least £80,000.

By yesterday, bidding had reached a little over £1,100 (plus £4.95 postage) while the owner, listed as Suzanne X, failed to respond to email requests for more information.

The seller, based in Isleworth, West London, has an impeccable trading record with 100 per cent positive feedback. The 1933 coin was one of 16 pennies being sold as a job lot.

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