Accused Dead Sea Scrolls identity thief rejects plea deal, plans trial

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Plea negotiations broke down this morning for accused Dead Sea Scrolls cyber-bully Raphael Golb -- who now says he's taking his wacky identity theft and impersonation case to trial.

Golb, 49, is charged with trying to boost his historian father's scholarship on the 2,000 year old scrolls by going online in the name of rival scholars -- notably Dr. Lawrence Schiffman of New York University -- to discredit their work.

Plea negotiations before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Carol Berkman fell apart today when prosecutors insisted that any deal include probation -- a deal breaker for Golb, said his lawyer, Ronald Kuby....

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O Truffle - 8/12/2010

On this case, see now:

This is starting to sound like a classic academic hoax consisting in satire. The medium may be novel, but can anyone seriously believe this is a crime?