Triceratops 'Secret Location' Found in South Dakota Badlands

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Internationally-renowned dinosaur hunter Phil Manning, from the University of Manchester, and his team are hoping to bag a Triceratops skeleton from a 'secret location' they've found in the South Dakota Badlands, according to Manning.

He and his colleagues believe at least three skeletons of this iconic dinosaur are gently weathering in 65-million-year-old rocks at the undisclosed site.

At present, Manning and his colleagues are trying to figure out how they can excavate one of the Triceratops skeletons from its rocky Hell Creek Formation tomb.

Previously, the pioneering palaeontologist and his team were known for their research work on the hadrosaur Dinomummy, helping dinosaurs ‘virtually’ walk, zapping Archaeopteryx with particle accelerators and tracking the enigmatic T. rex in the Badlands of Montana....

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