Aging, forgotten but still loyal to Britain, WWII has never ended for fabled Burma fighters

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"Colonel Peacock, Major Hogan, Captain Bower ... Shoot from the hip! Quick march! Right turn!" The names, ranks and barked commands of World War II British officers tumble from these old Asian soldiers' memories as if it all happened yesterday.

But the war never really ended for the Karen tribesmen who fought with the British to drive the Japanese out of Burma, and who now live as refugees in jungle camps astride the Thai-Myanmar border or inside their ravaged homeland, impoverished and driven from their homes in a brutal insurgency.

These ethnic minority people, who were made promises by the British that were fatally broken, remain virtually forgotten and unrewarded by the outside world as the 65th anniversary of the Allied victory in Asia approaches on Aug. 15. For them, medals, parades and joyous family reunions all ring hollow....

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