18th-Century Boat to Leave World Trade Center in Pieces

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The 18th-century boat unearthed last week at the World Trade Center site is about to make its first journey in more than 200 years.

Starting on Monday, archaeologists will dismantle the ship’s crumbling wooden beams and move them to storage to study them further, said Steve Coleman, spokesman for the Port Authority.

The work is scheduled to take five to eight days, but the Port Authority hopes to speed it up by adding double shifts.

After the beams leave the World Trade Center site, they will likely go to Hangar 17 at JFK Airport, which houses dozens of large artifacts of 9/11, including twisted steel columns from the Twin Towers.

The Lower Manhattan Development Corp., which owns the site where the boat was found, will seek public comment about plans for the vessel, but the agency has not yet released a timeline or any details.

Coleman said the removal of the boat would not delay work on the World Trade Center site’s much-needed Vehicle Security Center....

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