Vatican reveals Caravaggio painting 'found' in Rome

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An undiscovered Caravaggio painting may have been found in Rome, according to the Vatican newspaper.

The painting depicts the martyrdom of St Lawrence and belongs to the Jesuits in Rome.

It will now be examined in detail by art historians to find out if it really is the work of the famous Baroque painter.

Italy celebrated the life of the great master over the weekend on the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio's death.

A gallery housing his work and several churches stayed open overnight to mark the anniversary.

An image of the work was published on the front page of the Vatican's L'Osservatore Romano on Saturday.

It shows a semi-naked man, with one arm outstretched as he leans over leaping flames beneath him.

Violent history

But while the Vatican newspaper article points out that the painting is typical of Caravaggio's style - such as the perspective from which the subject is seen - it conceded that no known document mentions St Lawrence in relation to Caravaggio....

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