Castro blames U.S. for stoking nuclear tensions

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The United States is pushing for what would become nuclear wars against Iran and North Korea, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said in a rare televised interview Monday.

Castro blamed the United States, not North Korea, for the sinking of a South Korean ship that killed 46 sailors. The incident was orchestrated to stir conflict in the region, Castro said.

The former Cuban leader, who is 83, said he was disappointed that China and Russia didn't veto a U.N. Security Council resolution for additional sanctions against Iran for its alleged illegal nuclear program.

Iran, he said, has been building up for a confrontation for 30 years. If the United States attacks Iran, it will meet a resistance unlike anything it faced in Iraq, Castro said....

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Arnold Shcherban - 7/30/2010

It is clear now that one of the secret stipulations forwarded by Obama's administration for signing the latest nuclear deal with Russia was Russia's acquiescence on the new sanctions against Iran. As far as China is concerned, it does not want to risk clouding the relations with the US, because of its strong economic dependence on America. On the other hand, the both countries didn't vote for the sanctions (which they consider unfair and unproductive), thus dispersing possible Iran's indignation, since they don't want to seriously spoil relations with Iran, either.