On Day 2, Kagan deploys humor and the artful dodge

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...Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan let some of her personality show through Tuesday as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee poked into every corner of her legal thinking. And she offered what amounted to a personal declaration of independence when questioned repeatedly about her admiration for her former boss, the late Justice Thurgood Marshall.

She skirted questions aplenty on Day 2 of her confirmation hearings, and held her tongue when Republicans gave it to her good.

Grilled about her actions as Harvard Law dean to restrict military recruitment on campus, Kagan got emotional when one senator read aloud from an opinion piece by a Marine captain and Harvard Law graduate who wrote of her support for the military.

Kagan even poked a little fun at the justices whom she hopes to soon join. Speaking about her support for allowing cameras in the Supreme Court, Kagan called it an incredible sight to watch the justices during oral arguments, but also allowed that some cases "will put you to sleep, you know."....

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