Indian tribe threatened with extinction by encroaching tourists

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An ancient Indian tribe with just 350 surviving members is at risk of becoming extinct after a rise in alcohol consumption and tourism to their Andaman Islands home have threatened to wipe them out.

The United Nations is leading a campaign to save the last surviving members of the Jarawa tribe amid growing calls for them to be integrated into mainstream society.

The tribe on India's tropical Andaman Islands, believed to be descendants of migrants who left Africa 65,000 years ago, have dwindled to just 350 members because they have little or no resistance to western diseases carried onto the islands by foreign tourists.

A related Andaman tribe, the Bo, became extinct last year when its last member died.

The Indian government has sought to keep them segregated from the island's growing tourist resorts amid reports of tribesmen bartering for whisky and tribal women having sexual intercourse with visitors....

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