Ex-freedom fighter Kenneth Kaunda on Africa's new battles

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Considered one of modern Africa's founding fathers, Zambia's first President Kenneth Kaunda has spent much of his life fighting some of Africa's toughest battles.

From his struggles against the racism and oppression of colonial rule in the 1950s to the fight against AIDS today, it's been an eventful life for Zambia's former leader.

But his fight for independence was not without consequence and in 1959 Kaunda was arrested and jailed for ten months.

After his release in January 1960 Kaunda became leader of the newly formed United National Independence Party (UNIP) and in 1964 after elections and much political wrangling, Zambia was finally granted independence from the British with Kaunda as its president.

It was a presidency which was to last 27 years, but under one party rule. A decision highly criticized, with many accusing Kaunda of presiding over a dictatorship....

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