Archibald Hanna, Jr., curator of Americana at Yale, dies at 93

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Archibald Hanna, Jr., the first curator of the Yale Collection of Western Americana, died last Thursday after a short illness. Archie was 93 years old.

Archie joined the staff of the Yale University Library in 1949, when he was hired to help catalog the books and manuscripts given to Yale by William Robertson Coe. In 1952, he was named the inaugural William Robertson Coe Curator of Western Americana. He served in that capacity until his retirement in 1981. Famous for his ability to cultivate collectors, donors, and antiquarian booksellers, Archie made New Haven an essential stopping place for anyone interested in the history of the American West. A founding member of the Western History Association, Archie was renowned not only at Yale, but throughout the country for his ability and willingness to help young scholars. The Western History Association honored him with its Award of Merit....

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