US photographer Max Desfor relives Korean War

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"Sometimes I get a little annoyed," says Max Desfor.

He is a former Associated Press photographer who covered the Korean War and has been invited by the South Korean government to take part in commemorations marking the 60th anniversary of the start of the war.

"I ask anyone who'll listen - why do they celebrate the start of the war? They celebrate the start, of course, because it's never ending - it's still going on."

The US, which backed the South, and North Korea signed a temporary truce in July 1953, but there was never a peace treaty. Technically they are still at war.

"The North Koreans invaded Korea, South Korea, and I immediately volunteered my services to the AP and said, 'I will cover that war' and my boss said, 'the war isn't going to last more than two weeks!'"

Pulitzer prize
I met Max at the Korean War Memorial on the Mall in Washington DC.

The 96-year-old has long since retired, but still carries a camera and stops to snap pictures as we talk....

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