Ex-Rwandan PM reveals genocide planning

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A British author says a senior official from the Rwandan war crimes tribunal flew to London last week to question her about the secret confessions of a 1994 Rwandan genocide organiser that she obtained for inclusion in a recently-published book.

At least 800,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the genocide at a rate - over just 100 days - that was far faster than the Holocaust of the Jews in World War Two.

According to the author, Linda Melvern, the official expressed amazement at the leak of the confessions to war crimes interrogators of the Rwandan prime minister during the genocide, Jean Kambanda.

Melvern obtained a copy of the transcript from unofficial sources.

She said the war crimes official, prosecution lawyer Barbara Mulveney, asked her how she had obtained the sensitive documents, but the author said she declined to reveal this.

Conspiracy to murder

Kambanda's testimony was recorded as a transcript of 60 hours of interrogations and according to Melvern's account of it, included in her book Conspiracy To Murder - The Rwandan Genocide *, it goes into remarkable detail about the way the genocide was organised....

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