Ancient Humans May Have Dined on Hyenas

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There have been no other cases of ancient humans eating hyenas, but this find may represent an exception.

The suspect hyena bones come from Maltravieso cave in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, which is on the southwestern tip of Europe. The cave has rooms with archaeological sites ranging from the Middle Pleistocene to the Bronze Age. The Hyena bones come from what's called the Sala de Huesos (Hall of Bones), which is filled with debris dated to between 117,000 and 183,000 ago.

In the later part of the Palaeolithic there are a few cases of humans processing the carcasses of foxes, bobcats and badgers. They were probably using their fur, but perhaps eating the meat as well. There are also signs from Maltravieso and elsewhere in southern Europe that hominids processed lynx, fox, badgers and lions....

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